After many nights of contemplation OK Surf Co. has decided to close for th

2021 season.  It has been a hard past 3 years. First, we were greatly impacted by the fire season which caused many cancellations and few bookings due to the smoke in the Okanagan.  This again impacted us in 2019. Then 2020 came and we hit COVID last year. Although Waterski Wakeboard Canada and, Canada Sport had "Return to Sport" protocols in place, we ended up seeing many cancellations and also fewer bookings than we had hoped for. I am currently reviewing my plans for OK Surf Co. and what the future of my little company will look like in the future. Please return to my site for updates.


To all my customers that joined me I thank you for your support.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed your experience and check back once this pandemic is over.




Sean Johnson