Wakesurfing has become the fastest growing water sport in recent years.


Founder and Head Coach of OK Surf Co., Sean Johnson is no stranger to water sports.


Sean spent most of his early years as a competitive waterskier, which naturally transitioned into wakesurfing.

As an NCCP trained coach, Sean brings a fun and passionate approach to instructing those who wish to learn or experience wakesurfing on the world-renowned Okanagan Lake.

Our goal is simple: to give you a unique and memorable experience in the water ... and to teach you how to surf of course! 


OK Surf Co. is proud to run a Super Air Nautique G21, with seating for up to 12 people.  


The Nautique boat line is considered one of the highest quality wake boats on the water today by industry experts.

Our boat comes equipped with 2850lbs of factory ballast, 500lbs of additional hidden ballast and the NSS (Nautique Surf System).


This boat is highly recommended for everyone, from beginners to the highest level, professional wakesurfers.




"The Nautique Surf System (NSS) is available, and it’s without question one of the best out there on the 210 hull."  - waterskimag.com

  • “Had an AWESOME time with Sean.  He made the day super fun!”– Miranda H.

  • “Surfing  was the highlight of our family vacation. Thanks for the unforgettable memories!" - Steve B.

  • “I had wakesurfed before but the tips I was given and the Nautique boat brought my surfing to the next level”– Dave G.